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Do you value your online privacy? It only takes one exposure to a malicious website, E-mail, or program to have your online identity stolen and abused. Read on to find what you need to know to be safe online, how to change your computer's IP address, and protect your identity.

Anonymous Web Browsing Introduction

Surfing Anonymously - Choosing Between Free and Paid IP Changing Options

Your IP (internet protocol) address is the most sensitive piece of information associated with your online identity. Almost every transaction you make with various websites or ISPs (Internet Service Providers) is aided by this small piece of information. Through your IP, you can be easily identified and located because it's your virtual address. To prevent websites from collecting personally identifiable data about you and your computer without your permission, you must employ the use of some kind of proxy or anonymous Internet browsing software.

Your IP can be easily exploited when known by the wrong people. Your personal files, passwords in various websites and credit card data can be stolen and used without any permission. Spam could be more easily targeted to you based on your IP.  Identity theft happens to many individuals because they are unable to protect this small piece of information when they do their online transactions or use Internet programs. These security concerns are a major factor that is contributing to tools that hide your IP address becoming more popular. If you're curious, there are two forms of IP protection you can obtain: the free tools (free proxy websites) and paid software.

Before you dismiss free solutions because they might not live up to your demands, they still has some advantages. This is a recommended option to those who do not use the internet for business and financial transactions. If you're simply using the internet to read the latest news, watch videos and occasionally chat with your friends, it may not be necessary to pay for IP protection. But remember that the free option is often slow, contain ads, and you'll have to visit a specific website before using their services.

Paid services on the other hand, are a great option to visit online business websites, heavy internet users or simply to those who just want the utmost security in their computer. This option behaves like the proxy server and hence faster since it doesn't have any prior requirement except on installation. The software will immediately hide your IP address by providing different data to websites and would-be attackers.
Always consider the paid services to protect your data online. Only consider the free version if you're casually surfing online or you want to protect your identity in suspicious websites.

What is your IP Address?

Hiding Your IP Address - Surfing Anonymously

Did you know that the IP address of your personal computer can be used as a homing device to find your exact location? Hiding your IP address allows you to browse the Internet with complete anonymity. But, how do you hide your IP address? Many people do not realize that their personal computer has an address that can be used as a digital fingerprint. If you are trying to sign up for an account at a website that previously banned you, they are recognizing the computer being used and rejecting admission to the website or forum based on your IP address.

Changing the IP address of the personal computer is one solution, but hiding the IP address is an even better one. There are two methods of hiding your computer's IP address. You can choose an Internet proxy server or a software dedicated to hiding IP addresses. The Internet proxy server works as a gateway of sorts. You type in the URL of the web proxy and once at the site, enter the URL of the website you wish to surf anonymously. The proxy serves as a shield so the computers cannot read your IP address. These servers do not proclaim to be proxies to the website servers so all is safe. There is one problem with online proxy servers. They are often sluggish and packed with ads. The slow movement of the server is often due to the large number of people using the proxy servers to hide their online identity. The ads are there just to make money. The alternative to the proxy is software designed to hide the IP address of your personal computer. This software is often free to use and it constantly hides your IP address so no returning to the proxy every time you want to go back to the fateful website.

Many forms of IP hiding software also allow the user to create a location for their computer. For instance, if the computer is located in California, the software allows the user to choose New York or Paris. Software used for IP hiding does not require long wait times and is quick and easy to use. So, here are the two best methods of surfing the Internet with anonymity, the web based proxy and the IP hiding software. Depending on your situation, the software may be the fastest and most effective means of staying anonymous.

Free IP Hiding Websites vs Paid Software

How To Change Your Ip Address And Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

IP (short for Internet Protocol) address is a unique identifier that shows your location online. Hackers and fraudsters who know what they are doing can use it to steal vital person information from you if you are not very careful. That is why it is important to learn how to ago about changing your ip address so as to not fall victim to identity thieves who could steal your vital credit card or bank information rob you blind. When it come to hiding your ip address, there are 2 very common ways to go about doing it.

FREE PROXY WEBSITES The first option is the use of FREE PROXY websites. Free proxy sites are available all over the Internet. You just enter the site link [the complete url, e.g. www.i-want-to-go-here.com, and you are taken to the webpage you want to visit. The good news is that, you will be browsing through their own Internet Protocol and so yours will remain hidden to the designation website. Proxy.org and HideMyAss.com are two good examples of such free proxy surfing sites.  The bad news is these sites are often slow and contain many ads. 

ANONYMITY SOFTWARE The second option, which is the best one is to use “hide your ip” software. There are many companies offering these kind of software online. The popular ones include Hide-My-IP software, Change My Ip Address, Anonymizer software and many more. They all do the same thing. Help you to mask your identity online so you can surf anonymously without any limitations. You simply download the software, install on your computer and from there on you are in complete control ,choosing the Internet Protocol address of whatever country you desire to surf anonymously with. It is better to use the software as most are designed by top companies with very good experience in software design. Though there are many ip hiding tools or software out there, not all of them are reliable, some are not easy to understand, maintain or use.

Un-banning Your IP

Banned from a website or forum? No problem!  Hide Your IP to get back in.

Are there websites that can't be accessed? Have you been banned in a forum? Are there services you really needed but for some reason, the website do not recognize you as one of allowed users? This is often the situation faced by billions of Internet users worldwide. Restricting users from various websites is possible through the user's IP address. It's a unique identifier that tells the user's location. Forums and websites use this information to prevent certain users from accessing these sites. Forums do it to prevent certain users while well known websites restrict users from other countries to use their services.

Top 3 IP Changers

Top Recommended Tools for Online Anonymity

After an exhaustive research checking out different options to hide ip and protect your identity online, we can confidently recommend to you any of these three software products will fulfill your anonymous internet browsing needs. Read through the reviews, consider your needs and make the perfect choice that is right for you.

Hide-My-IP is a powerful IP changing application that can work in various browsers, instant messengers, and email programs. The application basically provides a fake IP address so that user's activity will not be detected in case of IP related attacks. They offer a free 14 day trial and the installation file is only 2MB in size. The ability of Hide-My-IP in helping their customers hide their IP address is demonstrated in their homepage. When visiting their homepage, users are immediately informed of their current IP, ISP and hostname.

Pricing This is the most cost effective solution you can get at only $29.99 for the full lifetime download of the software. Advanced users can subscribe for a premium service. Priced at $8.95 per month, users can enjoy faster web access and unlimited use of bandwidth for downloads. Even the traffic activity can be encrypted and can not be monitored by the Internet service provider.  If you happen to need other products and services, you can get Hide My IP for free at TrialPay.com.

Customer Support In terms of support, Hide-My-IP offers phone (business hours only), email, forum, as well as a knowledge base support. The company open privacy forum allows users to post questions related to the product or simply to discuss online privacy. While they may not provide 24/7 phone support, other forms of support is more than enough to fill the void.

The Only Hiccup The only hiccup with this software is that the trial version is limited, to get the best value, you’ll need to download the full version. The full is really awesome but you can try out the trial version first.

Conclusion Overall, Hide-My-IP.com is an impressive application for those who want to maintain their privacy. Even without the premium service, the ease of use, speed and options for support is already a good bargain for users. It is actually one of the best IP hiding software out there! But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself, CLICK HERE


As the name suggests, is an application that help users protect their privacy online by preventing the revelation of their IP address to various websites. It's a full featured application that can run without any installation. Users simply need to download and sign-in on the application to implement privacy of IP address. In fact, the application is portable which means the software can be placed in a portable drive (USB Pen) and used in any computer the users chooses. Using more than 2,500 servers, utmost privacy is assured along with maintained speed of internet access. Unlike other IP hiding or protection software publishers Hide-My-IP-Address also sells their application in CD. The download only format is only $29.95 and customers simply add $15.00 ($44.95) to have the download and the CD format of the application. In terms of pricing, the application is very competitive especially the download only version.

Customer support Customer support for Hide-My-IP-Address is on phone and email. The phone number is a local number (no toll-free) but reaching them through email is still fast. They also offer unlimited updates in their application so any problems or glitches in the application will be immediately patched in the next update.

Hiccups? The only hiccup would be unavailability of a trial version. But if you really consider that it might not be an hiccup. The publishers of this ip hiding software are so sure of their software, they say buy it without trying it, you won’t regret it.

Conclusion This is really an efficient tool, that makes hiding you ip and protecting your identity a pleasant experience Check it out HERE!


Hide-The-IP offers a one stop solution to all online privacy concerns. With less than 5mb in installation size, the application can be up and running in just a few minutes. The application will also allow users choose their fake IP address online by selecting the country that will shield their true IP address. The application even comes with a "Proxy Checker" so that the fastest IP address can be selected for speedier online transaction.

Pricing Pricing is very unique in Hide-The-IP. Because of their premium service, they offer an annual fee of $39.95 (less than $4.00 a month). They also offer $49.95 for those who wanted to sign up for two year support. Some may consider this as a pricey service but premium service in other IP privacy companies are a lot more expensive.

Customer Support Their premium service is not just based on the features of the application. The company also offers 24/7 support through phone and trouble tickets. Check it out here

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Hide My IP is a one time purchase, it is NOT a membership program. The purchase price is a single PC license and entitles you to run one copy of the software. All bug fixes and minor upgrades are completely free.

Hide My IP runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 in both 32/64 bit versions and works on ANY kind of Internet connection: dial-up, DSL, cable modem, wireless, etc..